Chapter 1320

Adam gave her a thumbs up before he praised her, “Sister, you were really great during the last round! When I saw that you did not have the upper hand in the first two games, I thought that you were going to lose for sure!” Graham also smiled and said, “That’s right, Aurora. Your dad also broke out in cold sweat because of you just now!” Aurora replied shyly, “It’s all thanks to Master Wade’s reminder. Otherwise, I would have really lost the match…” As she spoke, Aurora embraced Charlie’s arm affectionately as she said, “Master Wade is also going to be my coach in the future!” “Ah?!” Graham was shocked when he heard that Master Wade had already become his daughter’s new coach. Although he was very excited, he asked with a nervous expression on his face, “How could you joke like that? Master Wade manages so many important things every day. How could he possibly have the time to get involved with this kind of child’s play with you? What if you cause any delay to Master Wade’s busines

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