Chapter 1314

Charlie could see that this Thai female boxer had very fast punches. Moreover, she was shorter than Charlie by 10 cm. With her agile body and petite overall body structure, her lower body was more stable.  Moreover, this Thai female boxer was very smart. She not only knew her lower body was her advantage, but she also recognized that Aurora’s advantage was her upper body. As such, she often launched attacks with her lower body. Since the opponent had come up and was launching attacks swiftly, Aurora could only focus on blocking, and the whole game was quite embarrassing. In the first round, the opponent had significantly more effective hits as compared to Aurora. After one round, the opponent was in the lead by a stretch. During the short break, Aurora’s coach hurriedly gave her some tactical guidance near her ear. After a short break of a few minutes, the game immediately entered the second round. Once round two had begun, Aurora changed her strategy. She initiated attacks against t

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