Chapter 1313

As Adam’s voice landed, Charlie immediately saw Aurora, who walked in from the entrance! Today, Aurora was dressed in a sports bra and a pair of shorts. Her excellent body figure was revealed. What Charlie didn’t expect was Aurora’s amazing muscle lines, and there was even a visible vest line in the middle of her waist. That kind of body was unmatched among the girls! Besides, Aurora’s skin was as white as snow and flawless. With such a beautiful figure, it was impeccably perfect. Aurora’s long hair at the back of her head was tied into a neat ponytail. Wearing a pair of big red boxing gloves, she looked valiant with great poise. Walking out together with Aurora was a young woman with a dark brown skin tone. Adam eagerly explained to Charlie, “Master Wade, my sister is facing a Thai player today. I heard that she has a strong foundation in Muay Thai and is a seeded player in the Philippines team!” Charlie laughed and answered, “This is only Muay Thai. There’s nothing to fear. In the w

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