Chapter 1312

Charlie nodded before he walked into the stadium with Graham. Aurous Stadium had a huge area. There was not only a standard indoor swimming pool, but there was also a standard indoor track and field as well as venues for badminton, table tennis, and basketball competitions. At this time, aside from the swimming pool, the entire stadium had already been vacated for the combat and fighting championship. The whole scene was divided into many square shapes, and there was a ring in each of the squares. Graham pointed to these rings before he explained to Charlie, “Master Wade, there are eight rings in this stadium, and these eight rings correspond to eight different groups. These eight groups will finish competing in all of the preliminary matches in these eight rings. The person who finally wins all the matches in these rings will become the top eight participants in the entire match.” After that, he pointed at the fifth ring before he said, “Master Wade, Aurora has always been fighti

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