Chapter 1311

After Charlie and his father-in-law, Jacob, had left the house, his father-in-law drove as he laughed and said, “Oh! I have waited for such a long time! Finally, the Senior University is having an exchange and interaction with our Calligraphy and Painting Association! Charlie smiled and asked, “Have you communicated with Aunt Hall yet?” “Not yet.” Jacob smiled before he said, “I plan to give her a surprise. After all, I have not seen her in a long time.” Charlie nodded before he said, “But dad, you should be a little more careful. You should not let mom find out that Aunt Hall has already returned to Oskia, let alone let her find out that you’ve made contact with Aunt Hall. Otherwise, there will truly be chaos in our family.” Charlie understood Elaine’s character very well. There were a few things that could easily rub Elaine the wrong way in this life. The first was money, and the second was Matilda. Although Elaine was very angry that Jacob wanted to divorce her, she had not los

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