Chapter 1310

Aurora replied shyly, “I am not a feisty young lady…” Charlie smiled before he asked, “Then, what are you?” Aurora replied, “I… I… I am a beautiful young woman! A little cutie!” After she was done speaking, Aurora hung up the phone shyly before Charlie could even respond. When Charlie heard the sudden beeping sound on the other end of the line, he could not help but laugh as he shook his head. This feisty young lady was truly cute. *** Claire headed to her studio after she was done eating breakfast. Recently, the scale of her studio had expanded a lot compared to before. Therefore, she had recruited some employees. Several renovation projects were also underway at the same time, and it could be said that Claire’s business was booming. Jacob also immersed himself at the Calligraphy and Painting Association every day, and he was very busy. He was very anxious to go to the Calligraphy and Painting Association after eating breakfast today, and this made Charlie a little curious.

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