Chapter 1315

After listening to what Charlie had said, Aurora looked at him with joy and emotionally shouted, “Master Wade!” After she had finished speaking, she continued shyly, “Master Wade, I’m sorry for letting you see such a joke!” Charlie comforted her and said, “No worries. It’s normal to not find your rhythm at the start. If you carefully analyze the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses and choose a suitable strategy, you will make a comeback and prevail in the end.” Aurora nodded her head and sincerely said, “I know, Master Wade. Thank you for your guidance!” At that moment, the coach next to Aurora looked at Charlie in dissatisfaction and spoke, “What are you blindly commanding her to do here? Do you even know Sanda? Aurora is in the most critical moment now! If she can’t redeem herself in this third round, she will most likely lose! You are still giving her poor ideas at this time, aren’t you intentionally harming her?!” Charlie calmly explained, “I’m merely telling her the truth. It i

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