Chapter 1306

”No.” Isaac laughed. “I heard that the necklace made a bend in his intestines and got stuck there. So, he had to undergo an emergency operation. I heard that before the operation, Dylan was actually trying to take a shot with the nurse when he was still in the ward. In the end, his parents and grandparents walked in on the situation and the old lady suffered a shock as a result.” Charlie smiled as he said, “I really do not understand. The Koch family can also be regarded as a first-class family in Eastcliff. How could they have cultivated and raised such a f*cked-up descendant?” Isaac nodded before he sighed and said, “To be honest, all the current generations of all the big and powerful families are really getting weaker and weaker. I don’t think that there is a second person in this country who can be as outstanding as you, Young Master.” Charlie smiled faintly before he said, “You don’t have to flatter me.” Isaac hurriedly said, “Young Master, everything that I am saying comes f

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