Chapter 1307

Early in the morning after Magnolia’s wedding had ended, Charlie received a phone call from Liam as he was watering the crops in his vegetable garden. Liam told him over the phone that the stomach medication that he produced according to the prescription given by Charlie had already received the relevant license after passing the inspection of the drug regulatory department. It was already ready for sale! This prescription was derived from the and had a strong relieving effect on an ordinary person’s upset stomach symptoms. If anyone had any chronic stomach problems, they would be able to get good improvements and conditioning by taking this medication. A person would also be able to get immediate results after taking this stomach medication for stomach pain, bloating, stomachache, or even stomach discomfort caused by drinking, cold, fatigue, and so forth. This kind of stomach powder was first invented by a famous doctor in ancient Oskia. However, the developmen

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