Chapter 1305

After Turk had expressed his stance, Charlie said in satisfaction, “In the future, I will ask Chairman Cameron to continue supervising your post-marriage behavior. If you do not change your snobbish attitude of favoring the rich while feeling disdain for the poor after your marriage and if you do not treat your new wife, daughter-in-law, and your future son well, I will ask Chairman Cameron to break your pathetic legs. Do you understand me?” Turk nodded repeatedly and said firmly, “I understand, Master Wade…” Charlie waved his hand and said, “Okay. I drove here today so I will not be drinking the wine that you are toasting me with then. You should go and meet all the other guests. There are so many guests here today. Make sure that you toast everyone and do not leave a single person out. Do you hear me?” “I heard you! I will go and give a toast to everyone, one by one now!” After Charlie had sent Turk away, Draco and Magnolia came over to their table with wine glasses in their hand

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