Chapter 1301

As soon as Albert shouted out loud, the Scotson family came to a sudden realization, and they all began clapping unwillingly at this time. In fact, they were also very unhappy because of this wedding. This was because this kind of matter would really cause the Scotson family to lose face. However, since it was already done, there was nothing anyone could do to change anything at all. At this time, Juliet, who was wearing a wedding dress and had a cold expression on her face, and Turk, who was making a show of being decent and proper as he was dressed in a suit, walked up on the stage together. After that, the emcee smiled before he said, “Next, let us welcome the second couple, the bridegroom, Draco Scotson, and the bride, Magnolia Zevell!” In fact, the Scotson family was also not very willing to applaud this couple. It was not only Lilian and Turk who looked down on Magnolia, but the rest of the Scotson family also despised and looked down on this poverty-stricken girl. However

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