Chapter 1302

The emcee smiled before he said, “Oh! I really did not expect Miss Morningstar to be so touched. She must have been waiting a long time for this marriage to happen. This is truly a perfect and consensual match made in heaven! Let us wish this couple a happy new marriage, eternal love, and a bright and peaceful life ahead with a round of applause!” When Juliet heard this, she felt as though she was about to collapse. She squatted down on the ground as she buried her face deep in her hands and continued crying miserably. The emcee picked up on her emotions and continued speaking, “It seems as though our bride is feeling very emotional now. Let us interview our groom. May I ask Mr. Turk Scotson, what are your feelings right now, since you are able to marry such a young and beautiful wife?” Turk chuckled slightly as he said, “I am feeling very excited…” The emcee smiled before he asked, “Then, Mr. Turk Scotson, do you have the urge to sing a song under this kind of situation?” Turk fe

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