Chapter 1300

”That’s great!” Turk finally heaved a huge sigh of relief when he heard this. At this time, the staff called for both of them to come to the counter to apply for their marriage certificates. Juliet was twenty-six years old this year, while Turk was fifty-two years old. The difference between both of them was exactly doubled. The young lady who was responsible for giving them the marriage certificate handed it over to both of them as she gnashed her teeth with hatred. After the marriage certificate was finally issued, Albert smiled slightly before he said, “Okay, since both couples have already obtained their marriage certificates today, we should hurry up and return to the hotel now. Master Wade is still waiting to attend your wedding banquet.” Hence, the four of them could only follow Albert as they returned to the Hilton hotel. At this time, the banquet hall in Hilton was filled with the Scotson family’s relatives and friends. Charlie took his wife, Claire, with him as they sa

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