Chapter 1276

It didn’t matter if Lilian had to break her relationship with her son, or that Turk had to cut all ties with his flesh and blood. As long as they were able to force him to do what they wanted him to do, every sacrifice would be worth it. Draco exclaimed aloud, “Since all of you don’t respect me, I have nothing else to say to all of you. If you want to cut ties with me, so be it!” Lilian exploded upon hearing her son utter those words. She snarked, “This cold-hearted b*stard child! Even raising a dog seems like a better choice compared to raising an ungrateful child! You’re willing to disown your own family for the sake of that… that low-life woman! I can’t believe I wasted so many years raising you to be such an unfilial son!” Draco replied, “I’m sorry, mother. I don’t want to live the rest of my life being manipulated by you.” Turk exploded furiously, “You useless son! If you walk out on us today, you won’t be getting any share of assets from us! You’d better reconsider your actions!”

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