Chapter 1277

Charlie laughed after hearing what Turk had to say. Leave Hilton on a stretcher? This Turk truly didn’t know anything about this world. Nevertheless, for him, Charlie Wade of the Wade family, to attack this… this insignificant peasant… it was indeed a little undignified. Therefore, after much thought, the best way to solve this would be to give Albert Rhodes a call. Let him bring a few people along like that time with Kevin White. Then, he would just let the lackeys teach this husband and wife a lesson. Suddenly, a Rolls Royce drove up. Madeline, who had been silent all this while, suddenly jumped. “Oh! Mr. Morningstar is here!” As soon as she said that, Turk and Lilian tensed up. In their minds, they were hoping that Mr. Morningstar would have taken his own sweet time to travel to Hilton. During that time, they were hoping to solve the Magnolia issue. If push came to shove, they were going to pay her a few hundred thousand dollars as a reward for leaving their son. What they did not a

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