Chapter 1275

After listening to the calculations, Mr. Scotson immediately made up his mind. He turned to face his son and spoke, “Draco, it’ll be a waste if you don’t pick this wife. Not only did they not request for a dowry, but instead, they are offering you tens of millions worth of dowry. This is an amazing chance!” Draco replied coldly, “Yes. It is very good indeed. It seems as though you don’t mind having a mixed-blood grandson.” Turk said without a shred of embarrassment, “After giving me fifty million dollars? I don’t mind at all! So what if it’s a mixed-blood grandson? For fifty million dollars, I don’t even mind if my son turns out to be of mixed-blood!” Draco snapped back, “Stop wasting your saliva. I am not agreeing to the wedding.” Turk sighed. His face was stern and his tone was firm. “My son. You’re really lacking in experience. You still don’t understand how things work. You’ve never experienced the pain of having no money. I really should have made you live a few days of suffering

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