Chapter 1255

Magnolia was still wiping the tears off her face when Charlie and Claire brought Magnolia all the way out of the community. Claire kept comforting Magnolia but Charlie did not step forward at all. After exiting the community, there were many people surrounding and competing to take pictures of the two cars that they had stopped by the side of the road. Charlie stepped forward to separate the crowd of people who were in front of the Aston Martin car. After that, he opened the co-driver’s seat and asked Magnolia to get into the car first. Magnolia was stunned when she saw the Aston Martin One-77 in front of her. She asked in surprise, “Claire, this car…” Claire smiled before she said, “My husband borrowed these two cars from his friend. Don’t worry, you’ll definitely be able to save face if we drive these two super sports cars to your in-laws’ house.” Magnolia was filled with guilt as she said, “Claire, I thought that your BMW would have been perfect. I really did not expect you to

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