Chapter 1254

Even though Magnolia’s father was using all of his strength, he felt that he was hitting the rolling pin against hard steel. After that, there was a strong and violent vibration in between his thumb and index finger. He felt so much pain that he released the rolling pin immediately and he held onto his wrist as he yelled out in pain. When he looked at the rolling pin again, he realized that it was already broken into two! This really shocked Magnolia’s father. This man could actually break a rolling pin into half using his bare hands. Moreover, it seemed as though the other party was not in any pain at all. This guy was obviously a well-skilled fighter at first glance! How could he possibly afford to offend someone like this? What if he suffered a concussion after he punched him? Who could he reason things out with then? After all, he was just an old man with no money and no power at all. After getting beaten up, he would have no way to get anyone to avenge him either. As he thoug

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