Chapter 1253

Charlie had not spoken all this while. However, when he saw Magnolia’s father picking up the rolling pin in his hand, he suddenly got very angry. It was fine if they were just making sarcastic and cynical remarks, scolding her, as well as attacking her personality. After all, he had simply accompanied his wife here to help her to marry off her high school classmate. So, all he wanted to do was to drive away and leave as soon as possible to complete the task of marrying her friend off. However, he really felt that it was intolerable when he saw the other party’s parents and younger brother acting like such assholes. Therefore, he stood in front of Claire and Magnolia in a very protective manner. After that, he stared coldly at Magnolia’s father as he said, “Do you know that all of your actions are illegal? Interfering in your children’s marriage is a freedom against morality. Moreover, personal attacks and insults, as well as your intention to sell your own daughter are also against

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