Chapter 1256

“What the hell?” When Francis’s mother heard this, everything turned dark in front of her eyes! One hundred million dollars? What was this? Even if the other party had one million dollars, he would already be a very incredible rich man in her eyes. If he had ten million dollars, he would be a big and powerful figure that they could not afford to offend. If he had one hundred million dollars, he would be a god! What’s more, they did not just have a net worth of one hundred million dollars but they were actually driving two cars worth more than one hundred million dollars! As she thought about this, she hurriedly asked, “Are you telling me the truth? Are these two weird-looking cars really worth so much money?” Francis nodded as he tried to pull his mother up and said, “Do you think that I’d lie to you? Do you think that I don’t want a new house? But in this case, how can we even try to force it? Our family will suffer and be in deep shit if we offend a big and powerful figure!” F

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