Chapter 1242

In Lady Wilson’s opinion, vanity was the great flaw in Elaine’s character. Besides, she was also very greedy and a freeloader. If Lady Wilson were to give her a Bentley for real, she would definitely try to persuade Claire to succumb to her request. However, Lady Wilson overlooked another attribute in Elaine’s character, which was holding a grudge! Elaine loved to gain advantages by unfair means, but she held grudges to the extreme. Previously, she had been persuading Claire to return to Wilson Group because she had no grudge against Lady Wilson other than some minor conflicts. These minor conflicts wouldn’t have any effect on Elaine when it came to money. The tables had turned now! Elaine’s hostility towards Lady Wilson went off the charts! When they were in the detention center, Lady Wilson had influenced Jennifer to torture Elaine severely. Not only did they torture her by all means but they had also broken her leg before she left. Because of these tormenting experiences, Ela

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