Chapter 1243

Charlie was initially planning to take his wife out for a drive. However, as he was about to open the gate using his remote, the gate had already opened by itself. He did not know that this was all Elaine’s credit. As he was wondering about it, he saw a black car parked outside their gate. It seemed as though there was an old lady standing beside the car. Upon taking a closer look, Charlie discovered that the old lady was actually none other than Claire’s grandmother! Claire was also very surprised. She did not understand why her grandmother was outside their gate. Charlie could tell that the car next to the old lady was a Bentley Continental. He could not help but feel a little surprised. How could the Wilson family possibly have the money to buy a Bentley? Was it given to them by Donald? This grandson was really willing to spend just to disgust him. At this time, Harold, who was sitting in the car, was too shocked to even speak when he saw an Aston Martin being driven out of Ch

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