Chapter 1241

Upon hearing Lady Wilson’s words, Elaine was taken aback and upset. Did someone really invest in the Wilson family? Was he or she crazy? Among the lousy few that were left in the Wilson family, who could they bring to the table? It was absolutely impossible that these people could get Wilson Group back on track! Investing in their company would be like throwing money down the drain! Thinking of this, Elaine immediately sneered. “Hey, old bat, please drop your pathetic act in front of me. Based on what I know about you and your lousy family members, even if Wilson Group reopens, it will definitely go bankrupt again in a few days. Just look at what you have left in the feeble family of yours! What can you expect from Harold the loser anyway? You should be thankful if he doesn’t spend all your money!” Elaine’s remarks also hit Lady Wilson’s sore spot. Although Donald Webb had invested in their company, it in no way meant that they would be able to be at ease in the future. After all

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