Chapter 1232

The nurse grabbed a pillow to cover her body and said in an aggrieved tone, “Mr. Koch, don’t you sling mud at me. If it weren’t for you, why would I betray my boyfriend? My boyfriend and I share a very affectionate relationship…” Dylan cursed furiously. “You have a boyfriend?” The nurse cried, “Yes, my boyfriend and I have been together for several years and we’ve even planned to get married this year. If he knows about this, it would be the end for me …” Dylan gritted his teeth in agitation while Leonard glared at the nurse with a dark face and said, “I’ll give you five million, get out of this room and this hospital right now.” When the nurse heard that she would get five million, she nodded profusely, quickly grabbed her uniform and put it on her, and ran out with a grin on her face. At this moment, the doctors came to tend to Dylan’s grandmother who fell on the floor, and took her away for examination. Dylan’s grandfather and father followed them, leaving Sylvia, Dylan’s moth

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