Chapter 1233

Dylan regretted his action and nodded hastily when his mother asked him to go see his grandmother. Sylvia turned around and said, “Get dressed now, hurry!” Dylan quickly grabbed his clothes and put them back on. Sylvia asked, “By the way, what’s your business at Aurous Hill? Why did you come back so quickly? And I heard you swallowed a ruby necklace, is it true? Is it the one that I picked out for you to give Miss Moore? What is going on?” Dylan sighed dejectedly as he was bombarded by a series of questions from his mother and said, “Mom, can you please stop with your questions? Long story short, when I went to Jasmine’s birthday party in Aurous Hill, a loser with the last name Wade came out of nowhere and I made a bet with him. I was forced to swallow the ruby necklace when I lost the bet.” Sylvia frowned at his remark and said, “How did you offend someone from the Wade family? Is he from the Wade family in Eastcliff? Son, we can’t afford to go against them!” Dylan quickly said,

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