Chapter 1231

The doctors and nurses who worked in the Koch family’s hospital knew how well off they were, so they would grab any chance they could to curry favor with the family members. It was beyond the nurse’s wildest dreams that the third young master of the Koch family would be attracted to her, it was like a Cinderella dream came true. Even just a one-night stand would guarantee her a comfortable life as promised by Mr. Koch, but what if she was pregnant with his child after the intercourse? Wouldn’t it mean that she would be able to get from zero to hero with the child in her belly? This was also the reason why many celebrities would, by all means, choose to become the mistress of a rich tycoon or even bear the tycoon a child! It was simply because they wanted to have their own version of the rags-to-riches story. Upon hearing his seductive proposal, the nurse nodded immediately without hesitation and said with a pasty and coquettish voice, “Mr. Koch, I’ll do whatever you want me to!” D

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