Chapter 1207

Dylan was extremely regretful right now. He shouldn’t have proposed such a stupid bet with Charlie to see who had the more expensive gift. Now, he actually had to do a performance where he would swallow a ruby necklace. He had to pay a double cost! Isaac was still staring at him, so he didn’t dare to bluff his way out of it. Hence, he ground his teeth and blurted, “Okay, I, Dylan Koch, am willing to admit defeat!” He looked at Jasmine and said in a rather remorseful tone, “Miss Jasmine, please lend me the ruby necklace.” Jasmine frowned in great dismay when she heard his request. ‘What do you mean by lending it to you? Will you give it back to me after using it?’ Feeling disgusted and irritated, she hurriedly handed the gift box to him and said in a very serious tone, “Mr. Koch, you can keep the present.” It was then that Dylan realized that he had misspoken. He had to swallow the ruby necklace, which meant the only way the necklace could come out of his body was by pooping it o

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