Chapter 1206

Travis didn’t dare to take the Rejuvenating Pill and hurriedly said, “Master Wade, I haven’t paid the money yet, so I won’t dare to take the pill from you. I’ll call my company’s financial department and transfer the money to your account right away.” Charlie nodded with a smile. He then took out his card and passed it to Travis. “This is my card, please transfer the money into this account.” Dylan was taken aback when he glimpsed the card. That was the exclusive black card of Citibank, wasn’t it?! There were no more than five people in the country who owned that card. Moreover, Citibank provided very strong privacy protection for their exclusive black card members. Who was this Charlie and where had he come from? How could he have this card?! At this moment, Charlie suddenly looked at Dylan and said with a coy smile, “Mr. Koch, your necklace is worth 20 million dollars while my Rejuvenating Pill is worth 2 billion. You don’t need me to tell you whose item is more expensive, right

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