Chapter 1208

At this moment, Dylan’s first thought was to induce vomiting for him to spit out the necklace. Spitting it out was better than pooping it, right? Oscar hurriedly said, “Mr. Koch, I’ll take you to the washroom. This way please.” Dylan stood up immediately and followed Oscar. When he was in the washroom, he dug deep into his mouth desperately and kept vomiting, triggering a series of nausea and gag reflexes. There were a few times when he could feel the necklace reaching his throat, but he couldn’t vomit it out. He tried several times until his face flushed and even turned purple, but in the end, he was forced to give up as he felt an intense pain coming from his throat and esophagus, and soon, he had lost the strength to induce vomiting. He shuddered in disgust again when he imagined the fact that he had to poop the thing out of his anus in days to come. He even wondered if the necklace would get stuck in his intestines. Frightened, he immediately took out his phone and called h

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