Chapter 1195

The third young master of the Koch family suddenly spoke up, and Lord Moore was placed in a very difficult position. He knew that the Moore family was inferior to the Koch family from Eastcliff. So, he was very careful and polite. However, he was only being polite out of common courtesy. This did not necessarily mean that he wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to establish or build up a relationship with the Koch family. After all, he had already experienced so much in life, thus, he could identify at a single glance the main reason why the third young master of the Koch family had come here today. Regardless of how the Koch family intended to cooperate and work together with the Moore family, Lord Moore knew that the third young master of the Koch family would definitely have some thoughts about his granddaughter, Jasmine. If this situation had happened back then, and if the Koch family was interested in forming an intermarriage relationship with the Moore family, Lord Mo

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