Chapter 1194

A so-called Master Wade who actually dared to think that he could be on par with him? What rights did he have? As he thought about this, he could not be bothered to talk to Charlie anymore. He looked at Isaac before he smiled and said, “I really did not expect you to be here today, Mr. Cameron. In fact, I was planning to visit Shangri-La tomorrow.” Isaac replied lightly, “Mr. Koch, you are being too polite. I wonder, what brings you all the way here to Aurous Hill, Mr. Koch?” The third young master of the Koch family glanced at Jasmine before he smiled and said, “My sister and Miss Jasmine were classmates when they were studying abroad back then. The reason why I came to Aurous Hill is because I wanted to talk to Lord Moore about a partnership with the Moore family. I was originally planning to come here in two days’ time, but I heard that it was Miss Jasmine’s birthday today. Therefore, I decided to come here earlier instead.” With that, he took out a very exquisite gift box from

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