Chapter 1196

However, since the table was already full, she could only sit with Xyla. Lord Moore stood up to say a word of thanks before the birthday banquet started. As he was thanking the guests in his thank you speech, Lord Moore immediately said, “I would like to thank Master Wade for taking the time to come and attend my granddaughter, Jasmine’s birthday banquet today!” As soon as Lord Moore said this, the face of the third young master of the Koch family who was sitting at the main guest table turned black immediately. What the hell?! Did Lord Moore really not know how to act at all? He had especially driven all the way here to attend his granddaughter’s birthday banquet, but he could not even be bothered to put him in the first place when he was thanking his guests? As he thought about this, he could not help but glance at Charlie who was also seated at the main guest table. The kid looked so plain and unremarkable. So, he had no idea why Lord Moore seemed to favor him a lot. After L

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