Chapter 116

Actually, Loreen could tell what was playing in Harold’s mind, and she wanted to protect herself from any unwanted scenarios, hence, she made up her mind not to drink with him tonight. Harold was bummed out after his request to drink was rejected, but he didn’t dare to express himself, so he said instead, “It’s okay, let’s just drink juice then.” Loreen nodded. “Thanks for being so considerate!” Meanwhile, a seemingly gracious young man sitting at the table next to them was staring at Loreen. He was attracted by her elegant temperament and aura after he saw her walking into the restaurant. ‘The lady is so beautiful and extraordinary, she looks like a fairy descending to earth!’ thought the young man when he first laid eyes on Loreen. After observing their interaction for a while, he realized that the lady and the man were not a couple, so he decided to grab his chance to get to know the beautiful lady. He mustered enough courage before he stood up, walked towards their table, and

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