Chapter 117

The young man felt light-headed and dizzy from the smash and almost collapsed to the floor. The diners around them were also shocked by the sudden commotion. Harold glared viciously at the young man whose head was drenched by his own blood and sneered, “Get lost, or I’ll break your leg!” The young man held the wound on his head and growled, “Alright, tough guy, wait and see!” Then, he ran out of the restaurant. Harold grinned disdainfully and said, “F*cking loser, who does he think he is to threaten me? I am Harold Wilson, f*cker!” Then, he put on a smug look as he said to Loreen, “There’s always these annoying bugs everywhere you go, don’t let him ruin our night. Come, let’s enjoy our dinner.” Loreen’s celebratory mood was totally destroyed after the disturbing moment. She simply nodded without a word. Throughout the dinner, Harold tried to lighten up the mood by striking conversations, but Loreen wasn’t entertained at all. In her opinion, Harold was nothing but an incapable

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