Chapter 115

Loreen didn’t want to pick up the call as she stared at Harold’s name on her phone. She didn’t have a good impression of Harold, and she could see right through his superficial motive of approaching her. He simply wanted to get close to her and tackle her heart. She was very annoyed by this person’s existence and immediately hung up the phone. However, Harold couldn’t take no for an answer. He attempted several times until Loreen reluctantly picked up the call and asked coldly, “What’s up, Harold?” Harold, on the other end of the line, hurriedly said, “Loreen, I heard that you are appointed as the sales director, is it true?” Loreen was surprised. “How do you get the news so fast?” Harold chuckled. “I have some friends who work in Emgrand Group, they told me that they received the official announcement about the appointment, so I called to congratulate you.” “Oh,” Loreen said, “Yes, I’m appointed as the sales director.” “Congratulations!” Harold shrieked in delight. “It is a p

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