Chapter 114

Loreen immediately went to Doris’s office when she received the call. Charlie grabbed the chance and quickly went downstairs. He saw Claire walking out, looking worn out and weary, as soon as he reached his car. She was exhausted from the heavy workload of the hotel project. She said helplessly, “I have too much work on my hands, 24 hours are not enough.” Charlie said heavy-heartedly, “How about dividing some of the works to other people? Or maybe just don’t do it.” “No way,” Claire said, “I was appointed as the director only recently, I need to work hard to strengthen and solidify my foundation at the company, otherwise, my cousin will swoop in whenever he sees a chance.” Claire was extremely annoyed when Harold’s disgusting look appeared in her mind. The bothersome man kept going against her and always did things detrimental and inimical. On the way home, Claire closed her eyes to rest while Charlie focused on driving without disturbing her. *** Meanwhile, in Doris’s office.

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