Chapter 113

Charlie heard the rustling footsteps coming from behind him. He stealthily looked at the glass window with the corner of his eyes and discovered that Loreen was following behind him! Oh, shoot! If Loreen saw him here, she would have thought that he was the chairman of the Emgrand Group! Worse, she might even connect the dots and know that he was the young master of the Wade family! It was indeed very bad! As Loreen was about to catch up with him, he walked faster, entered the chairman’s office, and quickly locked the door behind him. Never did Loreen expect that the man would suddenly speed up. When she wanted to pursue him, he was already in the office. Loreen sighed in disappointment and muttered under her breath, “That’s weird, why do I feel like the chairman is running away from me on purpose…” She refused to give up on such a golden opportunity just yet. She took a deep breath, went to knock on the door, and said, “Hello, Mr. Chairman, I’m Loreen Thomas, the new administra

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