Chapter 112

After a while, Charlie felt a burst of energy surging through his body as if stimulating all of his senses, bones, and blood. It was Reiki! When he looked at the stone again, Charlie found that the stone seemed to be absorbing all the spiritual energy that it didn’t look any different from a normal lifeless stone. He tried to perform the cultivation method recorded in the “Apocalyptic Book” but he couldn’t extract the Reiki from the stone anymore. Dejected, he put the stone back in his pocket. Intuitively, he felt that the stone was extraordinary, but he had no way to examine it now. It seemed that he had to sharpen his skills first before he could work on the stone again. He hurried to take a bath as he was sticky from the profuse sweating. It was already over 5 pm when he finished the bath, and that’s when Claire called him. On the phone, Claire told Charlie that she was in the middle of the meeting with the Emgrand Group about the project details and that she didn’t drive toda

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