Chapter 1124

Hannah got even angrier as she thought about it. She pointed at Christopher as she cursed, “Christopher, are you trying to abandon me after making use of me? Let me tell you something, I will never agree to a divorce! You want to divorce me, don’t you? Okay, let me call Donald right now and ask him to be the judge then!” After that, Hannah took out her cell phone and dialed Donald’s phone number. To her surprise, the phone call was connected immediately. As soon as the call was connected, Hannah started crying as she said, “Mr. Webb, you have to back me up this time!” Donald asked coldly, “What’s the matter?” Hannah replied, “That unscrupulous Christopher wants to divorce me! Both he and his mother had beat me up and the police even came here because of that!” Donald replied sternly, “That’s absurd! Pass the phone over to the old lady.” Hannah immediately passed her cell phone over to Lady Wilson as she said triumphantly, “Mr. Webb wants to talk to you!” Lady Wilson hurriedly t

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