Chapter 1125

Christopher really had the desire to die at this moment. He really did not expect Donald to actually stand up for Hannah. This made him feel very uncomfortable. Christopher had been living very proud and arrogantly for half of his life, and had never been made a cuckold before. As a result, he really did not expect that he would not only be made a cuckold but his wife was even pregnant with a b*stard child. Most importantly, he could not even divorce her. Wasn’t this simply forcing him to continue being a cuckold? At this time, he really hated Hannah to the core. However, he calmed himself down after thinking of Donald’s words. He knew that he could not afford to disobey Donald. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be the only unlucky one as the entire Wilson family would be out of luck too. Donald was the only hope for the Wilson family right now. If they offended Donald, then they would all instantly be chased out of the villa at Thompson First and be forced to live out on the streets with

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