Chapter 1123

At this time, Donald was thinking of asking this family to get out of the villa at Thompson First so they could just fend for themselves. However, as he put some careful thought into it, he felt unwilling to do so. He opened his mouth and said to everyone, “I know what you’re thinking right now. All of you feel that this family is really too lowly and isn’t capable of doing anything at all. However, just think about it—if they can disgust me today, then they would probably be able to disgust Charlie tomorrow. The problem now is that this family’s thoughts and efforts are not directed toward one goal now. As long as they are united, I believe they would still have their combat effectiveness!” Damien could not help but ask: “Brother, how can we unite this family? Hannah is pregnant with another man’s child now, so how would Christopher possibly still be willing to be united with her? Don’t forget about that old lady too! She isn’t easy to deal with!” Donald replied coldly, “If we can

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