Chapter 1109

After lunch, Zeke made arrangements to send a truckload of daffodils to Charlie’s house. The daffodils he sent were all high-quality grades that were very lush and green, and none of them were flowering as per Charlie’s request. Daffodils looked very similar to chives especially when they were not blooming. People in the city could not distinguish plants very clearly. Also, most people who ate chives had only seen chives sold in the market that were tied in a bundle, but they had never seen chives growing in the ground, so they were unable to differentiate chives and daffodils in plain sight and would often get confused by the similarities. Chive was a vegetable fancied by many people. It was an indispensable amazing ingredient when it came to stir-frying, soup, making pies, or dumplings. However, daffodils were not edible. Why? Because daffodils contained narcissus. Narcissus was a toxic alkaloid. When Elaine told Charlie that Lady Wilson liked to eat chives, he immediately

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