Chapter 1110

Hannah hurriedly asked in a honeyed tone, “Mom, why do you need eggs and flour?” Lady Wilson answered, “I want to make eggs and chives dumplings for dinner!” Harold shrieked in surprise, “Grandma, are we having dumplings tonight?” “Yes!” Lady Wilson uttered, smiling ear to ear, “Do you like chives and eggs?” Harold giggled. “Of course! Oh, I love it so much! I haven’t eaten eggs and chives dumplings for a long time! I’m starting to drool when you say it!” Christopher also smiled and said, “Mom, why do you want to eat eggs and chives dumplings suddenly? You haven’t made dumplings for a long time.” Lady Wilson laughed and said, “I’m happy today! So happy that I could fill myself with eggs and chives dumplings!” “Wonderful!” Christopher huffed with a sigh, “I haven’t had dumplings for a long time, I can finally satisfy my cravings today!” Hannah asked, “Mom, other than eggs and flour, do I need to buy some chives?” Lady Wilson grinned triumphantly, “Charlie bought a lot of fresh

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