Chapter 1108

Hannah was mortified by the diagnosis, hence, she had wanted to please Lady Wilson and her husband by overcompensating them. She had obtained some extra money from selling the coffee machine, so, she used the money to buy some ribs and pork belly to cook a wholesome meal for her family. Lady Wilson frowned in dismay when she learned that Hannah had bought vegetables, and she chided her in dissatisfaction, “Oh my goodness, why did you waste money on vegetables?” Hannah asked in surprise, “Mom, we can’t just eat meat! We have to have a balanced meal for all the vitamins and nutrients our body needs.” Lady Wilson pulled her to the kitchen and pointed to the basket of vegetables she had just stolen and said, “See that? I stole all those fresh vegetables from Charlie’s yard. They have a large vegetable garden in their yard that we can simply pick by reaching into their fence. We don’t have to spend money on vegetables in the future.” Hannah suddenly remembered that she had seen Charlie’

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