Chapter 1107

Hearing that it was her grandmother who had stolen vegetables from their yard, Claire sighed helplessly and said, “Mom, if it’s grandma, just let her be. Let her pick whatever she wants, it’s just some vegetables.” Elaine blurted in disdain, “Oh no, you can’t say that. What did your grandma ever give us anyway? Did you forget how she treated us? Huh, after everything she’s done, she has the audacity to steal vegetables from our yard?! No, I can’t let her!” Claire shook her head forlornly. “Mom, don’t overthink this, okay? Grandma wants some for herself too since she sees how fresh and big our vegetables are, don’t be so stingy.” Elaine mumbled in annoyance, “You are a little traitor, hmph!” Then, she turned and headed up the stairs angrily and went back to her room. However, the more Elaine thought about it, the more she felt that they were on the losing side. They had such a wonderful vegetable garden full of top-quality vegetables, she did not even want to spare a single vegetabl

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