Chapter 1106

Christopher said, “Mom asked you to go to the market, buy some meat on your way back, and cook lunch when you get home.” Hannah was a little agitated, but she replied calmly, “Okay, I’ll drop by the market and head home.” *** Charlie and Claire were at their little orchard the entire morning, picking the vegetables. Claire was as happy as a lively and carefree 18-year-old girl. She picked the vegetables cheerfully, loosening the soil, and watering the plants seriously. Elaine was still waiting to take photos to upload onto her social media. She was on pins and needles when the couple hung out at the orchard for a very long time. When Charlie and Claire finally entered the house with a large basket of vegetables, she hurried downstairs, took out her phone, and started taking selfies and photos of the garden at every angle possible. After standing under the scorching sun and taking countless photos, she rushed back into her room and quickly applied the aloe vera gel on her exposed

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