Chapter 1101

Claire finally woke up at seven o’clock in the morning. She slept even more comfortably than she did before. She did not dream, nor did she even wake up once throughout the entire night. She seemed to have been in deep sleep throughout the entire night. Therefore, she was filled with energy today. She did not see Charlie after she woke up, but Claire was not surprised. This was because Charlie woke up earlier than her every day. As she knew that Charlie was going to bring her to pick fruits and vegetables today, Claire was in a very good mood. She was really looking forward to it. After she was done washing up, Claire changed into a set of sports attire before she went downstairs. She thought that Charlie would be preparing breakfast at this time. She expected to set out for the suburbs after they were done with breakfast. However, she did not expect Charlie to be waiting for her in the living room. When Charlie saw Claire coming downstairs, he greeted her immediately as he smiled

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