Chapter 1102

Then, she looked at Charlie who was standing next to her with a shocked and incredulous expression on her face. “This… I… I am not dreaming, am I, Charlie? Why is there a fruit and vegetable garden in our house?!” Charlie looked at her affectionately before he smiled and said, “My silly wife. Of course, you are not dreaming. Don’t you like picking fruits and vegetables? I got someone to look for the best fruit and vegetable plants in Aurous Hill. I will also take care of this vegetable plot for you in the future to ensure that it will bear abundant fruits and vegetables so that you can pick fruits and vegetables for four seasons in a year!” Claire was so touched that her eyes flushed red! She would never have dreamt that her husband would actually prepare such a big surprise for her! When she was young, she had always been hoping to grow some fruits and vegetables in her yard. She would have been extremely satisfied even if it was just a tomato or pepper plant. However, Lady Wils

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