Chapter 1100

Charlie laughed slightly. It seemed as though Jacob was now very worried that Elaine would find out that Matilda had already returned to Oskia. However, even if he could conceal this thing for a short while, he could not hide it from her for this lifetime. The duration that he could hide this fact from Elaine would depend on the old man’s fortune then. *** Lady Wilson was a light sleeper. When she heard the movement outside, she got up from her bed and walked toward the balcony. When she took a look, she realized that Charlie’s house was brightly lit. After taking a closer look, she saw that there were a lot of workers who were planting the fruits and vegetable plants for them! What the hell was this? Shouldn’t they start sowing first if they wanted to plant vegetables? What Charlie was doing was equivalent to moving an entire vegetable plot into his courtyard. A country bumpkin would always be a country bumpkin. He had such a beautiful and good villa but he actually destroye

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