Chapter 1099

When Zeke heard this, he said in excitement, “It is an honor for me to be able to serve you, Master Wade!” After that, Zeke hurriedly said, “Master Wade, I brought more than two hundred plants here with me today. If we were to plant and cultivate all of it today, it will definitely take a long time. Should I get the workers to get to work immediately? It is estimated that we will probably have to work until five or six o’clock in the morning tomorrow.” Charlie nodded before he said, “Okay then, get the workers to start now.” Zeke hurriedly waved his hand at one of the men standing next to him before he blurted out, “Tell the workers to get to work immediately. Tell them to be careful not to damage any of the plants, especially the melons and fruits. Make sure that none of the melons or fruits fall out. If all of you do a good job, I will reward everyone and give each of you a ten thousand dollars red envelope. However, if you do not do a good job and make Master Wade dissatisfied, d

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